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Dr Christos Apostolou
Speciality:  Upper Gastroenterology Surgery
Subspeciality:  Hepatobiliary Surgery and Upper Gastrointestinal
Team:  Liver & Upper GI
Macquarie GI Macquarie University Clinic
Suite 404, Level 4, 2 Technology Place , Macquarie University, NSW, 2109
Phone:  02 9793 1995   Fax:  02 8008 1596   Website:

Dr Christos Apostolou is a specialist surgeon in the fields of upper gastrointestinal, liver, biliary and pancreatic surgery.Having completed his MBCHB at the University of Cape Town in 1996, he undertook surgical training qualifying as a General Surgeon in South Africa in 2003 and continued fellowships in tertiary trauma and HPB/foregut surgery, resulting in the Certificate of Surgical Gastroenterology. He submitted his dissertation on Pseudocysts of the Pancreas towards a Masters of Medicine in Surgery from the University of Cape Town in 2006. He was subsequently appointed as a Visiting Consultant and Honorary Lecturer in Hepatobiliary Surgery, and established a successful private practice in Cape Town.  

He underwent additional training as a fellow in Upper GI Surgery in the busy South Western Sydney Area Health Service (2011-12), culminating in admission to the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons(FRACS). Dr Apostolou currently holds appointments at Macquarie University Hospital and Bankstown-Lidcombe Hospital. He has particular interests in diseases of the biliary tree and gallbladder, oesophageal reflux, hepatic surgery, upper gastrointestinal/HPB oncology and interventional endoscopy. He has a keen interest in both undergraduate and post graduate teaching.