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Dr Paul Della Torre
Speciality:  Orthopaedic Surgery
Subspeciality:  Hip and Knee Reconstructive Surgery
Retail 4, 8 Australia Avenue
Olympic Park, NSW, 2127
Phone:  02 9735 3637   Fax:  02 9735 3635   
Dr Himanshu Desai
Speciality:  Cardiothoracic Surgery
Suite 3, Westmead Private Hospital Cnr Darcy and Mons Road
Westmead, NSW, 2145
Phone:  02 8850 8265   Fax:  02 9687 0922   
Dr Sushama Deshpande
Speciality:  Pain Management
Western Sydney Pain Centre Shop 1, 4-6 Castlereagh Street
Penrith, NSW, 2750
Phone:  02 4721 3016   Fax:  02 4721 0015   


Associate Professor Anand Deva
Speciality:  Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery
Subspeciality:  Cosmetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Team:  Head & Neck Oncology, Colorectal Oncology
Macquarie University Clinic Suite 301, Level 3
2 Technology Place , Macquarie University, NSW, 2109
Phone:  02 9812 3899   Website:  http://www.ananddeva.com http://www.mcps.com.au

Associate Professor Deva's clinical practice covers a broad spectrum and includes cosmetic surgery of the face and body, reconstructive facial surgery, elective and acute hand surgery and reconstructive microsurgery. He graduated from the University of Sydney in 1991 with class 1 honours and was awarded the University Medal in Medicine.

After completing internship and residency at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, he was admitted into advanced training in general surgery in 1994 and completed a Masters of Surgery in 1996. He commenced advanced training in plastic and reconstructive surgery in 1996 and obtained his fellowship of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons in 2000. He has received numerous awards and prizes that recognise his contribution to research and teaching.

Dr Delfino Di Mascio
Speciality:  Vascular and Endovascular Surgery
Saturday Consulting Service and No Gap Billing Clinical Care Centre
Macquarie University Clinic Suite 302, Level 3, 2 Technology Place , Macquarie University, NSW, 2109
Phone:  02 9887 8899   Fax:  02 9887 8800   
Dr Di Mascio is a leading specialist vascular surgeon. He is well versed in both open surgical intervention and minimally invasive (endovascular) techniques in the management of carotid disease, aortic occlusive and aneurysmal disease, peripheral vascular disease, renal and mesenteric disease, and varicose veins and venous pathology. He also has an interest in the diabetic foot and ulceration, with revascularisation by open surgery and endovascular techniques. In addition to this, he is able to offer all access surgery for end-stage renal failure as well as Hickman and Portacath lines for chemotherapy.

Prior to his vascular surgery training, Dr Di Mascio completed two years of accredited training in general surgery. His vascular surgery training was performed at a number of hospitals, including two high-volume centres, namely Westmead and Liverpool Hospitals in Sydney. As well as working from Macquarie University Hospital, he has a practice based at Westmead Public Hospital, where he is also Clinical Superintendent for Surgery. He also has clinical privileges at Auburn and Blacktown Hospitals.

Dr Helen Do
Speciality:  Ophthalmology
Macquarie University Ophthalmology Macquarie University Clinic
Suite 401, Level 4, 2 Technology Place , Macquarie University, NSW, 2109
Phone:  02 9812 3933   

Dr Helen Do specialises in cataract surgery and comprehensive general ophthalmology. She graduated in medicine from the University of New South Wales with first class honours and completed a Masters of Medicine in Ophthalmic Science at the University of Sydney. She completed her ophthalmology training at Sydney Eye Hospital followed by further training in cataract surgery and general ophthalmology including eyelid surgery at Concord Hospital during her fellowship year. She is a clinical lecturer at Macquarie University and University of Sydney. Dr Do is fluent in Korean.

Speciality -  Cataract and pterygium surgery,  acute eye problems, glaucoma, diabetic eye disease and age related macular degeneration.

Dr Michael Dowd
Speciality:  Hand Surgery
Subspeciality:  Hand Surgery - Plastic
Macquarie Hand Unit Macquarie University Clinic
Suite 403, Level 4 2 Technology Place , Macquarie University, NSW, 2109
Phone:  1300 373 693   

Dr Michael Dowd is a specialist Plastic and Reconstructive surgeon who trained in Sydney and Melbourne and later took a Fellowship in hand and micro surgery at St Andrews Centre for Plastic Surgery in the United Kingdom. Whilst in the United Kingdom he successfully passed the diploma in hand surgery with the Federation of European Societies for Surgery of the Hand. He currently is director of Plastic Surgery training at Nepean Hospital and is past Secretary for the NSW Hand Surgery Association. Dr Dowd’s clinical interests include soft tissue disorders of the hand, carpal tunnel syndrome, dupuytren's disease, de Quervain’s tenosynovitis, trigger finger, tumours of the hand, arthritis of the small joints of the hand including basal thumb arthritis, management of sports injuries and complex hand trauma.  Dr Dowd is a member of the both the NSW Hand Surgery Association and the Australian Hand Surgery Society as well as the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons. Dr Dowd’s research interests include flexor tendon surgery, small joint arthroplasty, dupuytren's disease, basal thumb arthritis, fractures of the hand and soft tissue reconstruction of fingertip injuries. Dr Dowd is the Secretary of the NSW Hand Surgery Association and is a member of the Australian Hand Surgery Society and Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons. Dr Dowd’s research interests include flexor tendon surgery, small joint arthroplasty, Dupuytren's disease, basal thumb arthritis, fractures of the hand and soft tissue reconstruction of finger tip injuries.

Dr Steven Dubenec
Speciality:  Vascular and Endovascular Surgery
Suite 305, Level 3, 272 Pacific Highway
Crows Nest, NSW, 2065
Phone:  02 9439 6111   Fax:  02 9439 6222   Website:  http://www.sydneyendovascular.com.au/
Dr Steven Dubenec is a vascular and endovascular surgeon who is in private practice in Crows Nest, Camperdown and Orange. He has clinical appointments at The Mater Hospital, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital and Strathfield Private Hospital. He has a Fellowship of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons specialising in Vascular Surgery. Dr Steven Dubenec is the Head of Department of Vascular Surgery at Royal Prince Alfred. He is currently involved in both National and New South Wales based committees devoted to improving the level of understanding, diagnosis and treatment of peripheral arterial disease. He is also involved in international clinical trials for peripheral arterial disease. He is a member of the Australian & New Zealand Society of Vascular Surgeons, Royal Australasian College of Surgeons and Royal Society of Medicine. Clinical interests and areas of expertise include:
•    Minimally invasive vascular interventions
•    Angioplasty and stenting
•    Endoluminal aortic stent grafting
•    Carotid stenting
•    Peripheral arterial disease
•    Carotid artery disease
•    Aneurysms
•    Varicose Veins
•    Minimally invasive varicose vein laser treatment and sclerotherapy

Clinical Associate Professor Ardalan Ebrahimi
Speciality:  ORL, Head and Neck Surgery
Macquarie University Hospital Level Basement 2
3 Technology Place , Macquarie University, NSW, 2109
Phone:  02 9821 4778   Fax:  02 8088 7981   Email:  admin@specialistheadandneck.com   
Dr Ebrahimi is a fellowship trained Head and Neck Surgeon. He completed general surgical training in Sydney in 2009 and a subsequent head and neck and  microvascular reconstructive fellowship at the Sydney Head and Neck Cancer Institute, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital. Dr Ebrahimi then spent two years training in the United States. The first was a fellowship in advanced head and neck oncology, microvascular reconstruction and robotic surgery at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. He then completed a Masters in Public Health at Harvard University in Boston, Massachusetts. Upon returning to Australia he undertook an additional six months of fellowship at the Sydney Head & Neck Cancer Institute before commencing consultant practice. Dr Ebrahimi has expertise in the assessment and management of all benign and malignant conditions of the head and neck, including – neck lumps, parotid and submandibular gland surgery, oral and throat lesions, skin cancer, lesions of the jaw bones, thyroid and parathyroid surgery and swallowing difficulty. All of Dr Ebrahimi’s cancer patients receive comprehensive care from the multidisciplinary team at Macquarie University Hospital.
Prof Michael Edye
Speciality:  General Surgery
Subspeciality:  Upper GI
Team:  Liver & Upper GI
University Research Centre Marcel Crescent
Seven Hills, NSW, 2147
Phone:  02 9851 6143   Fax:  02 9851 6050   

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