Designed specifically for and dedicated to the brain, the Gamma Knife is widely recognized as the gold standard in radiosurgery. Advantages of Gamma Knife include: 

  • Non-invasive and highly targeted with minimal dose to surrounding normal brain
  • Avoids complications associated with surgery and Whole Brain Radiation Therapy (WBRT) including white matter changes and neurocognitive decline. 
  • Less dose to normal brain and body compared to other radiosurgery devices.
  • Clear clinical advantages and superior outcomes for certain indications (for example, SRS with Gamma Knife low dose to cochlear preserves serviceable hearing in most patients with an acoustic neuroma).
  • Offers clinician new possibilities to treat cancerous and non-cancerous brain conditions.
  • Conditions for which Gamma Knife is considered most effective are:
  • Malignant and benign brain tumours, including metastases and glial tumours, acoustic neuromas, meningiomas.
  • Vascular abnormalities, including arteriovenous malformations.
  • Functional disorders, including trigeminal neuralgia.
  • Single session treatment
  • No cessation of systemic treatment and ability to maintain drug dosing parameters.
  • Permits the clinician to scan, plan and treat in a single session – optimal efficiency at low cost.
  • Patient Centric Fewer side effects than standard radiotherapy (less fatigue, no hair loss).
  • Single session treatment completed generally in one day means less burden on patient and carers.
  • Most extensive clinical evidence base with over 2,500 peer-reviewed publications including numerous papers describing the utility of the Gamma Knife for multiple metastases.