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That's Not a Knife
(video presentation by Dr John Fuller)

 2016 Seminar Frontiers of Radiation Medicine Seminar (presentations by Associate Matthew Foote, Associate Arjun Sahgal, Professor Marcus Stoodley and Professor David Thwaites)
 Annual Treatment Statistics  GK Worldwide Treatment Statistics 1968-2015
1968-2015 Indications Treated Report - PowerPoint
  1968-2015 Indications Treated Report
Guidelines Summary of Metastatic Tumour Guidelines and Recommendations
  Compilation of MetastaticTumour Guidelines and Recommendations
  AANS/CNS Metastatic Tumour Guidelines
  ASTRO Brain Metastasis Guidelines
  IRSA AVM Guidelines
  IRSA Metastatic Tumour Guidelines
  IRSA Pituitary Guidelines
  IRSA Trigeminal Neuralgia Guidelines
  IRSA Vestibular Schwanommas Guidelines
  NCCN Cancer Guidelines
  Stereotactic radiosurgery for treatment of brain metastases. A report of the DEGRO Working Group on Stereotactic Radiotherapy.
Bibliographies Summary Compilations
  Gamma Knife Clinical Evidence Review 2015
  Gamma Knife Abstracts January to March 2015
  Gamma Knife Abstracts 2014
  Gamma Knife Abstracts 2013
  Gamma Knife Abstracts 2012
  Gamma Knife and Paediatric Radiosurgery Abstracts 1989-October 2014
  General Radiosurgery Topics 2014
  Linac Radiosurgery Clinical Update 2014
  Malignant Tumours
  Metastatic Brain Tumour Bibliography 1991 - June 2015
  Brain Radiosurgery Metastatic Tumour Guidelines and Recommendations September 2015
  Summary of Metastatic Tumour Guidelines September 2015
  Benign Tumours
  Meningioma Bibliography 1991-2013
  Pituitary Tumour Bibliography 1978-2013
  Vascular Malformations
  AVM Bibliography 2006-2012           
  Functional Disorders
  Epilepsy Bibliography 1993-October 2014
  Movement Disorders 1991-October 2014
Past Biennial Leksell Gamma Knife Society Meetings
2014 New York City, USA: 17th International Meeting
State of the Art of Gamma Knife Radiosurgery. An Overview of Current Practice and Review (17th International Meeting of the Leksell Gamma Knife Society, May 2014, New York City, USA.

2012 Sydney, Australia: 16th International Meeting
Plenary Oral Presentations (16th International Meeting of the Leksell Gamma Knife Society, March 2012, Sydney, Australia.
  References are from the LGK Society Website with the permission of Elekta.